Trail of Many Tracks
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Step 1:  Downloading the audio files

Two sets of two CD's exist for the Trail of Many Tracks. For a limited time they're available at participating Chambers of Commerce, but you can access them now by downloading the files to either put on your iPod (or other digital audio player), copy to your computer or the preferable option...burn your own CD which you can play in your car as you're following the Trail of Many Tracks.

Below are files in the industry standard MP3 (.mp3) format.
If you require another format, click here.

West to East direction of travel
MP3 (.mp3)
CD 1
CD 2

East to West direction of travel
MP3 (.mp3)
CD 1
CD 2

Which should I download?
     For the entire CD choose:     .zip file
     For just the tracks choose:    individual files

If you choose .zip you'll need to unzip the file when it's done downloading to your computer.

Once downloaded, you'll have a .zip folder containing the files in your format of choice.

Double-click that .zip file and put those files on your audio device.
Or, follow the procedure you're used to following to play them, burn a CD, etc.

Having problems unzipping the files?
     Here's where you can get FREE programs which will unzip .zip files:
          - PC World Magazine's list of unzipping utilities
          - Stuffit Expander
          - FreeZip
          -'s list of unzipping utilities

Mac Users
     If you're running OS X you'll be able to unzip the files simply by double-clicking.

Once you've downloaded the files you need, proceed to Step 2 where you'll learn how to burn an audio CD, put them on your iPod (or other digital audio player), or, if you choose, play them on your computer.

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